Ubertar Hexaphonic Pickups
and polyphonic pickups for bass and seven-stringed guitar

single and dual string pickups


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One and Two-string Pickups


The Little Torpedo:

The Little Torpedo has a flat profile and slides under the strings, on acoustic or electric. One torpedo can be used for two strings, but for stronger output and better tone I recommend one torpedo per string.

Add Inline 1/4" Jack ($5):

HC (Hand-Crafted) Series:

HC-Series Singles pickups are my smallest diameter pickups. The coils (as seen above) are 1/4" in diameter. Essentially noiseless, these pickups have cores of alnico for tone, with rare earth magnets for strength. I wind them in pairs, opposite direction and magnetic polarity so they can be easily paired and combined as humbuckers. Combine any number-- think of them as modular!

My "plus" type pickups all have the HC coils inside. Plus and HC are the same thing. If you get them "naked" (as in the pic above) you'll want to put them in some kind of enclosure and seal them with wax. This is a good option if you need particular spacing or some other custom configuration. If you want individual HC pickups (either single or humbucker) already enclosed and wax-filled, get the aluminum cylinders, below. Two HCs can fit in one cylinder, making a very small but potent humbucker!


HC-series pickup(s): one, six or twelve

40 Caliber Pickups!:

40 Caliber single string guitar pickups are smaller (10mm diameter) than the aluminum cylinders (16mm) but have the same "guts" inside as the standard singles. The cases are made of nickel-plated brass. Add a 1/4" inline jack with the second "add to cart" button. These are the ones Graeme Armstrong of Talisk uses.

If you want a set of six pickups (for example) and want a separate jack for each, order six jacks. The jacks will come soldered to the pickups unless you specify otherwise. If you order a set of six pickups and one jack, the pickups will be connected together to the single jack. 7pin inline and panel mount jacks are also available, as are 13pin panel mount.

Any luthier should be able to make a wooden mount for these. If you happen to be near Glasgow, I recommend Ian Dickinson. This is an example of his work: wood mount

Add inline 1/4" jack ($5):

Add endpin 1/4" jack ($10)

Aluminum Cylinder Single string pickups:


cylinders and squares, single coil or humbucker

Add inline 1/4" jack ($5):

Add endpin 1/4" jack ($10)

One or Two String Pickups for Sound hole or Pickup Cavity:

Two string pickups in a strat-style case, set for the lowest two strings. Available as a single coil for each string or humbucker for each string... either way fits in the strat-style case. A height-adjustable sound hole adapter is available. Also available with an inline jack. PLEASE NOTE: The two string pickups come standard with one positive wire (for both strings) and one negative. If you want two positive wires and one negative (separate output per string), add a note and/or email me to let me know. There is no extra cost.

one or two strings in strat-style case, acoustic adapter

Add inline 1/4" jack ($5):

Add endpin 1/4" jack ($10)



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