DMC (of Run DMC) with Paul Rubenstein in front of the kids' guitar display at the 2009 Urban Arts Festival. DMC is a strong supporter of Urban Arts Partnership.

Microtonal Music Workshops for Adults!!!

Wednesdays at 6:30 pm.

Mark, rock and roll hero.
Samuel makes a rock and roll face.
Alexa and Sandra, with their fire and skull guitars.
Mia, with her Mia guitar.
Sharon, with her purple, animal face guitar.
Joseph with his burnt, pepperoni pizza slice guitar.
Amy attempts a smile.
Still trying...
Success! With a little help from Alexa. :)
Jonathan strikes a pose with his green machine.
Paul Rubenstein's after-school class at IS 281 made some amazing electric guitars. This year's guitars featured movable frets.


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Eduardo shows off his flying V guitar.
Matthew holds his video game character (sorry, can't remember the name) guitar.
Mohammed, with his red Les Paul style guitar.
Michael, with a very original and cool guitar.
Ivan shows his one-of-a-kind guitar.
Nicole with her ND guitar, and Mia with her MIA guitar.